Nine things you should expect from your removals company

Don’t settle for less when you are moving from A to B and require the services of a reliable and professional removals company. Moving from one home or business premises to another can seem daunting, but things don’t have to be so tough when you opt for the right removals service. Most removal companies will try and convince you that they are the best people to do business with in your local area, but some claims are more credible than others. Let’s take a look at 9 things you should expect your removals company to offer you right now…

1. Carry out a survey

Your removals company should offer to come out and visit you prior to your big move. When a removals firm carries out an in-home or in-office survey, they can get a better grasp of what your specific needs are and identify the best and most appropriate ways to help you. They can also identify any issues that are likely to arise on the day to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. The survey should not be rushed – expect it to take about an hour.


2. Ask questions about access

Ensuring access is available for a removals lorry is essential. If a removals company doesn’t make enquiries about access at both ends of the move, they are not doing their job properly. They need to ensure enough space is available for their vehicles not only at the pick-up point but at the destination too. When a removals firm knows how access will be gained well in advance of the move, you can avoid being hit by additional charges later.

3. Offer a bespoke service

What’s right for one person won’t always be suitable for everyone, so make sure the company is able to tailor their services towards your needs. Expect them to ask a range of questions, like whether you plan to declutter before the move, if you are downsizing and whether you will have any children or pets with you on the day. Make sure you air any relevant concerns that you have when you speak to them before the move.

4. Provide a moves co-ordinator

No matter how many people are working on your big move, there needs to be an experienced professional overseeing the process and making sure everything runs like clockwork. Your moves co-ordinator should be your main point of contact. They should be available to answer any questions you have before and during your move and ensure any issues are resolved as soon as they are identified. The co-ordinator will work hard to ensure your needs are met and help you remain calm as the big day approaches, keeping you in the loop and providing you with all the relevant information that you require.

5. Discuss removals insurance with you

Most reputable removals companies will discuss your insurance options before you move. You are not normally obliged to take the insurance that the company is offering, but it can be a very good idea to do so as this can mean you are protected if anything goes wrong. Although the best removals companies are trained in minimising the chances of breakages, accidents can still happen nonetheless, so it really is a good idea to make sure you are covered.

6. Provide packing materials if needed

More and more removals companies are supplying their customers with packing materials, with many even offering to do the packing for them. These services can be incredibly useful, reducing the chances of breakages occurring whilst freeing up time for you to focus on other duties. If you have particularly fragile items to transport, it makes sense to hand packing duties over to people that move and pack things for a living. Even if you decide to do the packing yourself, it’s a good idea to accept any robust and reliable materials that are offered to you.

7. Explain influences on cost

People are much happier to pay for removal services when they know what they are forking out for. The more transparent a company is about cost, the more reasons you have to trust them. Don’t be left feeling short-changed once the move is complete – make sure costs are broken down clearly so you know what is and isn’t covered. You may have to pay extra for services some people would assume to be free, so don’t hesitate to ask questions about what’s included as part of your package.

8. Invest in training

Removals staff should be fully competent and trained to carry out their duties to a high standard. When employees haven’t been sufficiently trained, there’s more chance something will go wrong and that breakages will occur. It’s not just the people working on the frontline that need to be trained – the office staff tasked with planning and delivering exceptional customer service must have also undergone training. Ensuring a move goes smoothly can be a tough task, and high levels of training and experience are required to ensure everything has been co-ordinated correctly. Staff need to undergo regular training including refresher courses to ensure they are working at the best of their abilities.

9. Be part of a prestigious association

Any removals company worth dealing with will belong to the British Association of Removers. This independent organisation works hard to ensure standards remain high across the industry. Those that fail to live up the expectations of the association face being removed from it. The association is focused on ensuring customers across the country receive the best service possible. When you choose a BAR company, you can rest assured that it complies with a code of conduct and that you are protected by the complaints resolution service as well as the advance payment guarantee.

If your removals company doesn’t offer all of the above, it may be best to look elsewhere.

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