Moving your Manchester Area Office Doesn’t Need to be a Nightmare

Every business faces a time when it needs to change its premises; the reasons may vary. Sometimes, you’re looking for a bigger place because your business is booming and you will need larger offices with better equipment or more staff to keep up. Other times, you may want to downsize your building to one that better meets your business requirements. Both ways will lead you to the realization that it makes sense to hire a removals company to get you from one office to the next without too much stress and hassle.

Every cloud has a silver lining and one of the best things about moving office is the chance to have a really thorough clear out of the tons of archived and redundant stuff businesses seem to accumulate. It’s important to find a removal company that has experience in moving your kind of business particularly if you have valuable specialist or delicate equipment or goods to shift. Making sure no damage is caused to any of your property and belongings, is no easy feat. Choosing to do all the moving yourself and not opt for a company at all is a rarely a sensible idea when it comes to commercial business and office moves apart from the physical strain and hassle which can get overwhelming, you may not be insured for the staff that help and therefore liable if anyone injures themselves. It’s definitely a better alternative to opt for experienced removals professionals like us to handle the whole process for you.

Keeping Track

Identifying all the important furniture, paperwork, equipment and stationary that you will need to move along into your next premise will help you avoid moving things that you don’t need any more. If your business has legal responsibility for the retention of certain paperwork for example then its best to manage these items closely to ensure there are no mix ups or errors that create liability at a later date. You will also need to specifically flag such matters to your removals company so they are aware and can take the necessary steps on their side.

Your removals firm may be able to help you with staff or materials for other aspects of your move, like disassembling and reassembling the furniture, bringing packaging and protective materials you may need.

Another aspect a removals and storage company can help with is long or short term commercial storage for items that need to be kept but are not needed day to day. It can be far more cost efficient to hold such things off site and make better use of the space at the office.

When it comes to moving your office, Buckley’s removal firm in Manchester is here to do the job right. We can help you get rid of the hassle and make moving so much easier.

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NGRS - National Guild of Removers Accredited
NGRS - National Guild of Removers Accredited
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