Moving with a Baby – Plan Ahead

The thought of either having a baby or moving house is a little daunting for anybody and for some, beyond daunting. For others, moving house with a baby is a necessary reality. The reasons for moving are varied: Finding a larger property to accommodate your little bundle of joy is the most common reason for moving. But it is also possible that being close to good schools, being close to family, and moving to a less expensive area are also considerations. Whatever the reasons, moving house with a baby, although inevitably stressful at the time, can and should be viewed in positive terms.

Despite the perceived expense, hiring a reputable removal company like Buckleys, Manchester is highly advisable. As well as saving you from the physical strain of lifting heavy boxes, we can even offer the packing and packaging you need too, it will save you both the time and effort. Having your worldly possessions transported safely and without injury to you or them is a worthy consideration in the short and the long-term.

In addition to a removal company, it is strongly advisable to enlist the help of a friend, relative or babysitter at the time of the move. The first and last hour or so at either end of the journey from your old house to your new house is likely to be the most stressful part of the moving experience and it is at this point that you probably want to be as ‘free’ as possible to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. If you are travelling a long way this may have to be two different people, and if your baby is very little you may feel less willing to hand them over for any length of time, but if it at all possible to offload your latest addition for some time, you should.

Although it may seem obvious, it is important for both you and the baby to have easy access to both the usual changing paraphernalia (nappies, wipes, bottles etc), and familiar items such as blankets, teddies and toys. Children and babies often pick up on the tensions and stresses of an event like moving house so having reassuring things close at hand may well be of comfort to the baby, and you!

In much the same way, people often like to involve their baby and or children when unpacking and making up the baby or children’s room. Even if your baby is only weeks or months old, there is a real pleasure to be had in the whole family enjoying the process of setting up this new room. Whilst there may be a temptation to make your baby’s new room a surprise for them, the bond between parents and baby can be really enhanced by taking a joint ownership of the space and by everyone being as involved as they can be.

Babies and moving is a stressful combination no doubt about it! But by taking the suggested small steps, being prepared, and remaining positive, it will be an experience that is looked back on with fond memories, and with an end result that is wonderful for everyone.

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