Moving is a great time to be charitable

Moving to or from Manchester can be an extremely stressful time, especially if you are moving to a completely new area. Living in a location like Greater Manchester for several years can lead to an accumulation of items that are needed as well as those that no longer have a purpose. You can relieve some of the stress of moving by deciding early on which items are important to have at the new house as well as anything that has a sentimental value. Everything else should be items that are barely used, these should ideally not be packed for the move. These items don’t need to be moved to your new home, and the moving expenses and the packing time will not be justified for items left to rot in a corner. Selling the unwanted items can net a nice profit via an online auction site or maybe a garage sale, but you can also donate items to those who can really use them. This can not only be a rewarding experience because of the charitable aspect but also reduce the effort of your move.

What to Donate

Almost any item that is in good condition that will be useful to another person or pet can be donated. Outdated computers may become great technology options a child can use to do their school work. An old television set could be perfect for a family who cannot afford more. Appliances, cookware, and other accessories can be reused, so make sure to donate any in good or even fair condition. Furniture is a great item to donate that can provide great help to those who are struggling for money. Warm blankets and coats can give warmth to a homeless person or someone who cannot afford to heat their home.

Clothing that is no longer in style or shoes that have ended up in the back of the closet can be donated to someone who has clothing that is tattered and worn out. Supermarkets often have special recycling banks for these. Toys that were used by a child that is now grown can be given to another child bringing amusement and hours of enjoyment all over again. Books can be a way for a child to experience a new world and are of course tremendously educational. They can be read over and over to children seeking knowledge in a school or an orphanage. Food is another item that can be donated. There are thousands of homeless people in the world who lack money to buy food and rely on charity to get the nutrition they need. A surplus of food can be bothersome while moving, so donate some to those in need and buy a fresh supply for your new home.

Where to Donate

There are many charities around Manchester, Salford and all over the country, wherever you are moving to, that will gladly accept donations for those in need. Well known ones are The Salvation Army, Age Concern or Oxfam. There are also locations that will often accept donations right within the local community. Schools and libraries will often gladly accept office supplies, working electronic equipment, computers, and used books. These items will provide educational value as well as entertainment for the children of the community. Churches, homeless shelters, and food banks will be happy to take clothing, toys, blankets, books, and food to help provide for families and children who go without some days. Local animal shelters will also take any extra pet food, kennels, or toys for the animals that live there.

Giving unwanted items to charity during the house or office moving process will lift a burden and help those who are less fortunate. Give back to the Manchester or any other area’s community by donating to those in need. Food, clothing, or other items can put a smile on the face of families that could not afford them as well as bringing you a deserved sense of added worth and well being to boost your morale at a difficult time.

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