Four things to do on your first day in your new house

Moving house can be incredibly exciting, but your workload can seem daunting when you first arrive at your new home. Some tasks are more urgent than others, so let’s take a look at four key tasks you should prioritise on day one right now.
1. Make sure your utilities are working properly

Are the taps working correctly? Are the lights operating as they should be? Are the radiators coming on? The key things to check when it comes to utilities are gas, electricity and water. You need to take the meter readings as soon as you move in to prevent disputes. Your internet, phone and TV are also important, but not quite as urgent. 

2. Check your windows and doors

Security is also very important, so make sure your windows and doors are locking and unlocking, closing and opening as they should be. You should also examine your home for leaks and other forms of damage, whether you’re renting or moving into a home that you have purchased. If you don’t have time to carry out a thorough inspection, you could always make more checks in the coming days. Make sure any burglar, fire and smoke alarms are working. 

3. Take boxes to the appropriate rooms

Place boxes in the rooms the contents are to be placed in to help you break down your workload. If you haven’t actually reached the big day yet, make sure your boxes are labelled to prevent confusion further down the line. Unpack the most important items first. One of the most important items to gain access to is your bed, along with the bedding. 

4. Make sure food is available

If the house move has taken up your whole day, chances are cooking is the last thing you will want to do. Consider ordering a takeaway, visiting a restaurant or opting for sandwiches if it’s not possible to prepare anything more complex. 

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