5 Tips to help you de-clutter before moving house or flat

Moving your house and shifting to a different place is in itself a very demanding task, there is an even tougher task at your hands that is to sort out the things you want to keep, dispose of, and those which will help you in the new home too. Keeping in mind a few tips here from Buckley’s removals of Manchester should help you stay sorted. 

Make a List

Whenever you are moving house or home and sorting your stuff out, the first thing you need to do is to make a comprehensive list of what is important to you. Using this list you can prioritize the things you want to keep and those which are of no use any longer. This list can be of any length but what you need to focus on is that this list is supposed to have categorisation and prioritisation of all the significant things in your possession.

Downsize Stuff

Once you have made the initial list, do not stick to it till the end. This list needs to be reviewed and on doing that you will find out that a lot of stuff will be there just because you hold it a little close to your heart and is in fact of no real use. You need to get rid of all the useless stuff, because this will only cost more space in your new home and more money, which is never a smart choice. Downsize your belongings, and make up a final list. Considering when you last looked at or used an item is a good way to work out what you don’t need. If it’s a functional item and you haven’t used it for a year it’s questionable whether it should move house with you.

Intelligent Packing

The most important part of moving your house comes down to efficient packing. The effectiveness of your moving depends on the smartness of your packing. Once you have made the lists intelligently, you now need to pack the stuff in an appropriate matter. Use boxes which can fit your things easily and also do not result in wrecking your important things. Remember, do not pack the things which will be of no use to you in the new place.

Visualise Your Life in the New House

A better way to make your moving process smooth and make you’re the process of de-cluttering and storage smooth, is to have a good idea of where you are going. An idea of the surroundings, your neighborhood, the markets or commercial areas nearby, your expected way of living there, all of this will help you with the planning process. You can actually visualise yourself living there with all the stuff that you have got and it helps you make smarter decisions.

Storing Your Belongings

The moving process might not be completed at once. You do need to store your belongings at a certain place for a little time, a couple of days maybe. It is always better to have a friend or family member whom you can trust and leave your critical and valuable stuff with them for a couple of days. If that is not possible, you can always reach out to companies like Buckley’s Removals of Manchester who can help you both with moving your belongings and also with the storage facilities.

Following the aforementioned techniques, you can ensure a smooth and easy house move. Enjoy in your new home!

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