5 Great Attractions in the City of Manchester

Manchester is the cultural and commercial capital of Lancashire and is acknowledged as a centre for architecture, media, arts and higher education. In combination with many other municipalities, the area forms the metropolitan area of Greater Manchester that houses almost 3 million citizens of the UK currently.

Manchester can be said have undergone a modern day renaissance, just like the Renaissance of the 16th century, which predominantly left a huge mark on the arts and architecture of this area. Just as the likes of Donatello, and Ghiberti walked the streets of European lands, great designers and artists from around the world, come to Manchester, since it has become a viable hub for many industries. The city is also a huge attraction for tourists due to its majestic historical cathedrals and widespread natural parks, which act as a cherry on top of this breathtaking English cake. Some of the biggest attractions in the city of Manchester have been listed below:


Lying to the west of Deansgate Station, Castlefield has been designated an “Urban Heritage Park”, being the perfect spot to start exploring the beautiful city of Manchester. The mesmerisingly beautiful restored Victorian houses lining the old canals are a breathtaking view, and even the reconstructed Roman Fort is a sight to behold for its unique grandeur. When in Castlefield, make sure you explore the Bridgewater canal which was constructed back in 1761, so that cola could easily be transported from the mines at Worsley, along with that, the many old houses-turned-shops offer a sublime shopping experience. There are also many other attractions at Castlefield that you can explore.

Museum of Science & Industry

This historical museum is located on-site the world’s oldest railroad station and holds some of the most priceless possessions of the English history. The first water and steam driven engine to the 1904 Rolls Royce and many other marvelous spectacles from the Air and Space Gallery that left their mark on the English history – this attraction has a piece of it all.

Manchester Cathedral

Dating mostly back to 1422-1506, the Manchester Cathedral only earned the repertoire of a cathedral in the year 1847. The chapels were built first, and the remaining cathedral developed over the lapse of almost a century. This spectacular building has a unique gothic style, which revives the aesthetic beauty of the gothic era, and isn’t supposed to be missed.


The largest Chinese communities in the Britain, Chinatown is located in close proximity to the Manchester Art Gallery, which is another great place to visit. The shops in Chinatown houses ethic delicacies from the Asian part of the world, and the shops that feature rare Chinese handicrafts and arts.


Heaton Park

Spread over 600 acres of land, the Heaton Park is one of the largest municipal parks located in Manchester, and the biggest park in Greater Manchester. Built in 1722, the park features many amenities like tennis courts, adventure playgrounds, gardens, observatory, woodlands, boating lakes, animal farms, and so much more.

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